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Social Worker

Social Worker's Page

Group Questionnaire

Ms. Sarah, our Social Work Intern from the UofA, is wanting feedback on possible Group Topics for this semester. Please click here to take her questionnaire. Please complete by Thursday, Jan. 30th. Thank you!!!

Drug Insight Group

Are you interested in finding out more information about the impacts of drugs and alcohol? Mrs. Parker’s Drug Insight Group will be a voluntary group this school year, focused on giving you the tools to make more informed choices about using substances. This group is for students that want to learn more or for those that are considering making some changes to their use of substances. It is not required and is private/confidential. Topics that might be covered: Basic education about how drugs can impact you or your family, progression of substance use, avoiding triggers for substance use, coping skills and goal setting.

We need at least 2 people to sign up, in order for this group to start and there will only be 5-6 members per group. We will meet during A Lunch/Advisory on every other Tuesday for 5 meetings. If you have questions about the group, feel free to ask Mrs. Parker!  

Sign up below! 
Click HERE to sign up.